Present : Sri G.Srinivas, I.A.S.,

Rc.No.1707/AP-SSA/A1/2017,                                             Dated:  21-06-2018

Sub:-    APSSA, Amaravati – Consideration of DISE Data for posting of Part Time
Instructors – Certain Instructions – Issued.

Ref:-    1. This office Proceedings Dt. 19.10.2017 of State Project Director, APSSA,
2. Lr.Rc.No.Spl/B/APSSA/VSP/2015, Dated:24.05.2018 of the Project
    Officer, SSA, Visakhapatnam.

            The attention of all the Project Officers in the State is invited to the reference 1st read above wherein the following instructions were issued with regard to Part Time  Instructors :

1.                  As per the existing norms if enrolment of a school falls below 100, the existing PTIs are being terminated. Hence, necessary action may be taken to shift them in to nearby schools of the same mandal or nearby mandals.

2.                  When a regular teacher is appointed in the school, the PTIs may be adjusted in to nearby schools or nearby mandals where the enrolment is more than 100, instead of terminating them.

3.                  It may also be considered, if a regular PET is deputed some other school or college for long period, one PTI (P.E) shall be appointed to avoid the instructional gaps.

4.                  It may also be considered to give age exemption to the working PTIs in case regular teachers are posted in the same school and they be shifted to nearby schools or nearby mandals duly relaxing the age.

In the reference 2nd read above, the Project Officer, SSA, Visakhapatnam has informed that the District Collector & Chairman, APSSA, Visakhapatnam has approved note orders for reengaging of the personnel for the academic year 2018-19. Accordingly, 366 Part Time Instructors (Art 166, Health & Physical Education 25 and Work 175) were reengaged for the year 2018-19 in Visakhapatnam District and 20 Part Time Instructors (Art 7, Health & Physical Education 4 and Work 9) not reengaged where the enrolment is less than 100 in VI, VII & VIII classes of UP and High Schools as per the U-DISE 201-18.

            The Project Officers are further informed that the instruction issued in the reference 1st read above, are not confined to a particular year. These instructions are to be followed regularly by the Project Officers.

Therefore, the instructions issued in the reference 1st read above are reiterated and the Project Officers are requested to take necessary action at their end.

This has the approval of the State Project Director, APSSA, Amaravathi.

All the Project Officers in the State

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