Office of the State Project Director,
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan,
Andhra Pradesh, Amaravathi.

Circular Memo No.05/F1/APSSA/2014                                                 Dated:09-02-2018

Sub:     APSSA – Contractual Services – Admissibility of EPF & ESI deductions - Release of Employee Share of EPF & ESI amount to individual account of the Employee – Reg.

Ref:     Circular Memo No.05/F1/APSSA/2014, 07.02.2018 of State Project Director, AP SSA.

                                                            * * *

            In partial modification of the circular memo cited, it is informed that, all the Project Officers / Finance and Accounts Officers, of AP SSA are directed to remit the   EPF (Employee share @12% & Employer share @ 13.6%) and ESI (Employee share @ 1.75% & Employer share @ 4.75%) which was deducted from the Honorarium of the Contractual Employees of A.P. SSA and kept in the DPOs from the months of August 2017 to till date to the Individual Accounts of respective contractual employees of AP SSA immediately.

            Further it is also directed to pay the Gross amount as consolidated pay without mentioning ESI and EPF in remuneration / honorarium bills to the Contractual employees from 02/2018 onward which was mentioned in the Procgs. 5555/SSA/AP/A9/2017 dt.17.08.2017.

                                                                                                Sd/- G.Srinivas, I.A.S
                                                                                                State Project Director

All the Project Officers/Finance and Accounts Officers of A.P., SSA.


                                                                                                   State Finance Controller

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