Kurnool District - Half Day Latest Proceedings 14-10-2017

Proceedings of the Project Officer, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Kurnool
Present : Sri Y. Ramachandra Reddy M.A.,Ph.D

Rc.No.1402/PRT Grievance/A4/2015-16, Dated 14-10-2017

Sub:- AP SSA, Kurnool - Part Time Instructions - Certain grievance to the Part time Instructors - Communication to the MEOs - Reg.

Ref: 1. Prodgs Rc.No.26/RVM(SSA)/B10/C3/2011. Dated:30.05.14 of the State Project Director, SSA, AP, Hyderabad received by this office through E.Mail on 15.09.2014.
2. This office Prodgs.Rc.No. even dt. 19.10.2016, 09.12.2016
3. Representation of Adhra Pradesh Part Time Instructors Union, Kurnool, Dt.07.09.2017.


All the Mandal Educational Officers in the district are informed that in the reference 3rd cited Andhra Pradesh Part Time Instructors Union, Kurnool has submitted their representation stating that this office has send the prodgs. regarding the work hours i.e., afternoon hours and the Head Masters are insisting to attend the duties in both the sessions and requested to issue necessary instructions regarding the matter.

Hence, copy of reference cited once again attaching and all the Mandal Educational Officers in the district are here by informed that to communicate the same to the concerned Head Masters and instruct them to follow the instructions regarding Part Time Instructors without fail.

Encl: copy of reference.
                                                                                  Project Officer,
                                                                               AP, SSA, Kurnool

All the Mandal Educational Officers in the District.

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